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STRAIN GUIDE: 07/27/15
*After careful selection we are proud to offer all of these truly amazing phenotypes.

  • 91' KRYPT - Chem 91' x Capt Krypt OG. This Indica dominant hybrid is a powerhouse that is extremely strong. This rare strain is stout with a strong texture and massive buds. It is super frosty and resinous with a mouthwatering flavor unlike anything else. About 63-70 days.
  • AFGOO - Maui Haze x Afghan #1 (clone only). 70% Indica : 30% Sativa. This sticky, icky strain is extremely potent and covered in crystals! It has a sweet, piney scent with orange, grapefruit, and cherry notes. An Indica dominant hybrid. About 56-63 days. 
  • BLUE CINEX - Blue Dream x Cinex (The Clone Zone exclusive). This amazing strain blends the best of both worlds! The super sweet & flavorful Blue Dream with the resinous spicy unique flavored Cinex. It is great for just about everything including nothing at all, like hanging out relaxing with friends. A one of a kind strain that can't be missed! About 56 days.
  • BLUE HAWAIIAN- Blueberry x Hawaiian Kona(clone only). Super fruity flavors with pine undertones. Frosty and a smell like no other. About 63 days.
  • BRIAN BERRY COUGH - Strawberry Cough x Space Queen (TGA Seeds). 50% Indica : 50% Sativa. Sticky, glue like resinous buds with frosty large yielding flowers. Strong berry smell similar to the Strawberry Cough. About 56 - 63 days.
  • CHEESE QUAKE - Cheese x Querkle (TGA Genetics). Tastes and smells like a cheesy Danish with grape notes and undertones. a beautiful plant with great bulk and yield. About 56-63 days.
  • CHERNOBYL - Trainwreck x Trinity x Jack the Ripper (TGA Seeds) 60% Sativa : 40% Indica. Lime/citrus flavor with crystals galore! About 56 days.
  • CINDERELLA'S DREAM - (The Clone Zone exclusive -Bred by the Clone Zone). Cinex x Blue Dream. A cross between two of the greatest titans in the industry! Packed with amazing fruity flavor and  sticky, dense, nuggets this strain is a must for any grower. A Sativa dominant hybrid. About 63 days.
  • CINEX - Cinderella 99 x OG Kush (clone only- from Oregon).  The best Cinex phenotype! A perfect balance of sweet, spice, and everything nice! Truly an original. Coated with trichomes.  A sativa dominant hybrid. About 56 days.
  • DIRTY GIRL - (The Clone Zone exclusive -Bred by the Clone Zone). Genetics unknown. 60% Sativa : 40% Indica. The name says it all. Easy to grow with super funky aromas which leave you with extremely tasty buds. Our phenotype tested at 31% THC. Taste is amazing.  About 53 days.
  • EVIL TWIN - White Lotus x Harelquin. Our phenotype takes after the White Lotus more so it lacks the high CBD count however it is still an excellent strain and a top seller.
  • EWOK - Albert Walker x Tahoe Alien. 2013 High Times Cannabis Winner! This hybrid produces frosty buds as well as a large yield. It has a very fruity flavor with citrus notes. About 63 days.
  • GORILLA GLUE #4 - Sour Dubb x Chem Sister. This Sativa dominant hybrid has a powerful punch with lemony pine, minty flavors and sweet chocolaty diesel undertones. About 63 days. 
  • GRANDDADDY PURPS - Purple Urkle x Big Bud. This Indica dominant strain is super potent and resinous. The grape flavor is mouth watering and is similar to a grape soda. About 56 days.
  • GREEN CRACK - Skunk #1 x an Afghani Sweet Leaf strain. (clone only)90% Sativa : 10% Indica. This Sativa dominant strain has a super energetic high. It has a tight bud structure and bright green buds that are coated in resin. It is extra fruity with tangy, mango flavors. About 56-63 days.
  • HINDU KUSH - This is a pure Indica strain named after the mountain range stretching 500 miles between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It produces sweet, earthy aromas which will leave you breathless! It is coated in trichomes. About 56 days.
  • JILLYBEAN - Orange Velvet x Romulan x Cindy 99 (TGA Seeds-Subcool). 60% Sativa : 40% Indica. This plant is short and stocky with orangy, skunky, tangerine flavors. Covered in trichomes it resembles the taste of a creamsicle. About 56 days.
  • LAVENDER - Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Afghani Hawaiian (Soma Seeds).  A hashy, spicy flavor. Leaves turn dark purple in flower. About 63 days.
  • LOCKTITE - Gorilla Glue #4 x Mount Rainier (Red Eyed Genetics). This incredible strain produces sweet lime and diesel aroma buds covered with sticky trichomes that will leave you wanting more! About 56-63 days.
  • LODI DODI - (The Clone Zone exclusive-bred by the Clone Zone). Gifted clone. Genetics unknown. 60% Sativa : 40% Indica. Extremely robust grower. Very UNIQUE and pungent aromas. Excellent trichome coverage. About 56 days.
  • MEAN MISTY -  Secret Recipe x Blue Dream. (The Clone Zone exclusive-bred by The Clone Zone). 60% Sativa : 40% Indica.  A sweet smell and taste comparable to the Blue Dream with larger, denser colas. Easier to grow than The Blue Dream and perfect for SOG. Extremely guarded strain that is starting to make its way around Washington. About 63 days.
  • MC BERRY - Micky Berry Kush x DJ Short Blueberry (The Clone Zone exclusive). This strain grows tall and is a huge yielder with a great resin production. It has a skunky flavor that is similar to the Micky Kush with slight berry undertones. About 63 days.
  • PLUSHBERRY- Black Cherry Cola x Space Queen (TGA Seeds). 20% Sativa : 80% Indica.  Has an aromatic berry scent with a heavy resin production. Not one to miss! About 56-63 days.
  • PURPLE DIESEL - Sour Diesel x Purple Kush (Next Generation Seed Co). 60% Sativa : 40% Indica. A super sweet, fruity aroma/flavor. Great calyx to leaf ratio makes trimming a breeze. About 54 days.
  • PURPLE TRAINWRECK - Granddaddy Purple x Trainwreck. This beauty has a spicy, lemony scent with sweet berry undertones that are unforgettable! The buds it produces are frosty and purple. About 63 days.
  • ROMULAN - Named after the legendary Star Trek TV show this strains genetics are a mystery. It is believed to be Indica dominant, however it does show Sativa like traits. It is best known for its narcotic-like stone. About 60 days.
  • SECRET RECIPE - Diesel #1/Abusive OG Kush x Chem Bx2 (Connoisseur Genetics).  Secret Recipe brings some magical yields and exotic sour flavors to your garden with this large producing beauty that will make your mouth water with fruity, sour funk given by her magical parents. Super sticky ladies that will leave you with lots of finger hash come harvest time. Perfect for SOG. About 63 days.
  • SPIRIT IN THE SKY - Peyote Purple x Starfighter F2. This strain is jet black in color and smells of sour grape juice. It is a heavy yielder and produces fat, sticky buds. A win, win! About 50 - 56 days.
  • SNOWLAND - Snowcap x LA Confidential (DNA Genetics). 70% Indica : 30% Sativa. This Indica dominant hybrid is coated in crystals with purple tints on the leaves. It has an earthy, lemon flavor that is sweet on the tongue. About 63-70 days.
  • STAR 47 - Sensi Star x AK 47 (World of Seeds Bank). 90% Indica : 10% Sativa. This Indica dominant hybrid is a large producer with a fairly short flowering cycle. It has dense buds that are extremely sticky with amazing trichome coverage. It has a fruity taste and aroma that is unforgettable. About 60-65 days.
  • TAHOE OG KUSH - An unknown Tahoe, CA clone x OG Kush (Cali Connection). 60% Sativa : 40%Indica. A pungently fruity diesel flavor with sweet undertone. A sativa dominant hybrid. Our prized phenotype predominantly exhibits sweet tasting characteristics of its Tahoe clone only mother. This differs from the standard OG Kush phenotype which is typically spicy. About 63 days.
  • THE HOG'S BREATH(TH Seeds) This strain was a High Times Cannabis Cup winner for best Indica of 2002. It is short in stature and extremely potent. It produces sticky, trichome covered buds that have an intense pungent aroma. About 58 days.


**DO NOT PROPAGATE: All cannabis plants produced by The Clone Zone are carefully selected, propagated, and delivered with techniques developed through extensive research, trials, and experience. These production techniques yield the hardiest, highest quality young plants available. In purchasing these plants, the buyer acknowledges the proprietary methods of The Clone Zone production and agrees not to propagate, divide, clone, root or otherwise attempt to create copies of any plant purchased from The Clone Zone, nor allow other parties to do so with such plants.