The Clone Zone is a locally owned and operated company based in the Smokey Point area of Arlington, WA. We pride ourselves on producing top quality, pristine cannabis clones.

At The Clone Zone we only use the best, and most reputable seed companies in the industry to ensure that our clones have the most stable genetics possible. NO FEMINIZED (AUTO-FLOWER) SEEDS! All of our clones are rooted in oasis cubes, inoculated with MYCO-FUSION GREEN-150, and then planted into four inch nursery pots containing a custom, soilless mix enhanced with MYCO-FUSION RHIZO-CHARGE 2.0 for optimal plant health and viability.

Our Products

Maximize your square footage by eliminating costly mother/veg rooms! With our ever changing menu of strains you can trust us to keep your company producing the variety of high quality Cannabis currently in demand. Let us handle your vegetative needs, while you focus on top quality flowers, concentrates, and more!

Bare Root Cuttings

We offer plants in various sizes including bare root (hydro) cuttings in Oasis cubes. Bare root cuttings can be used with any hydroponic system.

Clones Under 8"

All plants are rooted in Oasis cubes and then planted into a soil less planting mix. Our soil less planting mix has been prepared for maximum root growth and includes Myco-Fusion Rhizo - Charge 2.0.

Bulk Orders

With our custom trailer we can deliver plant counts into the thousands. Our trailer helps ease the transition shock plants typically get from transportation. Call today to schedule your weekly/monthly order.